I’ve begun again…

Well, after my long hiatus from blogging, which I hadn’t fully undertaken in the first place, I have decided to start again for many reasons.  The greatest being that I just really, REALLY need some sort of outlet for my abundance of opinions.  I can no longer raise my hand in class, and after a year of living together, Kevin grows tired of my opening my mouth all the time just to “enlighten” him on a subject that he already knows my feelings about.

The second reason here is that I will also use this forum to document my future travels.  Yes, I am pleased to announce that Kevin and I have just sent off our applications to volunteer in Thailand next February.  Though it is a long way off, I’d like to become fully blog-savvy by then.

The final reason being that I am just a little bored.  Just a little.  And so, here we go.  The next few posts I will dedicate to background information with a few opinions sprinkled in and out.  As we say in the restaurant industry, please enjoy!


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