Tasty Beats…

As it takes a considerable amount of research to produce a well thought out statement on animal welfare, I’m going to try to write posts in between on lighter topics.  Today’s light topic is yummy music.

Memorial Day Weekend I spent a good amount of time dancing.  I was lucky enough to catch some of my favorite tunes that I don’t hear too often at such venues.  For the greater part of my bar-hopping career, I lived in Boulder.  So as you can imagine, most of the music played was for the most part, raunchy, bottom of the barrel, club music.  Gross.  If I never hear a Lady Gaga song again it’ll be too soon.  So I am grateful whenever I am blessed with a weekend of great music.  Here’s some:

This song should be played at bars on a regular basis. It’s raunchy, but it’s art.  Thanks, Rockbar!

Yum.  I’ll admit it, I’m a bass cadet.  Hearing Bassnectar at a bar, with the prospect of the live show at Red Rocks in a few weeks was just plain exciting.  Thanks, Lipgloss!

This is an all time fav.  Really, is any song better?  I don’t care what anyone says about Rockbar, I don’t care how sticky the floor is, when I hear these songs I can’t control myself, and they know it.




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